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"Besides his great ability to motivate and to work with people, Mark Tussey (President, OpEx Leadership, LLC) has a great competence in LEAN and  in the LEAN transformation process itself...Mark showed us over many years in a very consistent  and professional manner the difference between ‘What is LEAN?’ and ‘How can I create a successful transformation process?’...It is a pleasure for me to confirm that Mark is my LEAN Mentor." - Arnd Kaiser, Lean Management and Industrial Engineering Manager, Rolls Royce Motor Cars LTD, UK

Lean Transformation Case Study – Applying Lean / TPS Organization Principles in a Launch Scenario

An industry leading auto manufacturer wanted to improve its new product and plant launch performance to meet or exceed that of the competition. The manufacturer was looking to achieve a faster launch to full volume, significant improvements in finished vehicle first pass yield and product quality, and more competitive labor costs. Read the Lean Manufacturing Launch Organization Case Study Overview to learn about the approach.

Practical Andon Applications

Andons are simple, yet widely misunderstood and misapplied, devices. Andons serve as a communication method, but that certainly doesn't mean every communication method is an andon. Andons are generally large visual displays placed prominently in a work area, but that doesn't mean that any device displaying some type of information is an andon. Although andons are capable of tracking useful historic performance data, their main purpose is not to gather information for reviewing lagging performance indicators. Read the latest OpEx Leadership article to see how andons support the organizational behaviors that drive operational excellence.

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The September 2011 OpEx Leadership PodcastWorkplace Optimization, is now available. Clicking the link will take you to the OpEx Leadership Podbean site, where you'll have the opportunity to catch up with past episodes.

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Lean rollout activities such as kaizen events or other lean method workshops almost without fail start out with highly energized, motivated teams who produce  a practically overwhelming number of improvement ideas. Under the guidance of experts, the participants learn and apply proven lean methods, achieve impressive results through rapid implementation, and the activity is declared a success.

Now, fast forward 6 months from the end of the activity. Far too often, the results of the activity have all but disappeared - the workers no longer follow the work methods they developed, 5S has been virtually abandoned, and inventory levels have crept back up to pre-activity quantities. What can be done to sustain, and even improve upon the results achieved from these activities? Download the free eBook Sustain Your Gain here to learn more.

Mark Tussey, President of OpEx Leadership, LLC, has developed a unique approach to Lean Transformation and has a proven track record of helping organizations achieve Operational Excellence. To learn more about how OpEx Leadership can help, call Mark at +1 (864) 551-3602 or send an email to info@opexleadership.com.

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