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Lean Operations Training

Lean Operations Training – Enabling Excellence Throughout the Organization

To be successful at transferring the concepts and knowledge necessary to enable a lean transformation,  key players in the organization need more than lectures and reading materials. They need to discuss and discover the concepts in an interactive setting, have the opportunity to challenge the ideas  for clearer understanding,  and most of all, practice the methods in a real world application to see the results. 

Our training programs are designed to be an interactive discussion to introduce the concepts, followed by a coached, real world ‘learn-by-doing’ application wherever possible. Whether the training is a direct ‘shop floor’ topic such as Standardized Work or a leadership topic such a s Gemba Management, participants will have the opportunity to go to the worksite and apply the concepts with their OpEx Leadership Coach.

Worksite Training Modules

Here’s a sampling of training modules that are designed to improve performance at the worksite:


 Introduction to Operational Excellence Standardized Work
 5S Application SMED
 Autonomous Maintenance Problem Solving / A3 Thinking
 Built-in Quality More...

Leadership Training Modules

In addition to the worksite training, OpEx Leadership also offers leadership development training modules designed to provide skills necessary to sustain and build on improvements. Some of these are:


 Roles of the Lean Leader Gemba Management
 The Continuous Improvement Organization Transparency and Visual Management
 The Leader as Coach Collaborative Team Development

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