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Lean Transformation Consulting

Achieve Operational Excellence Through Sustainable Lean Transformation

The OpEx Leadership Project Approach

The OpEx Leadership approach to Lean Transformation is unique in its combination of time-honored Lean tools and methods, a hands-on approach to training and implementation, and a focus on sustainability. From the outset of our projects, improvement targets in Quality, Productivity, Lead Time, and/or Cost are defined, the right methods and tools selected and trained, and the project planned and implemented using a team-based approach. What sets OpEx Leadership apart is the focus on sustainability throughout the lean transformation. OpEx Leadership Lean Transformation projects achieve sustainable results through applying proven change management techniques, transparent 'Gemba' (shop floor based) performance management, and organization design principles that focus on developing a top-to-bottom problem solving organization.

The Lean Transformation Process

The OpEx Leadership Lean Transformation Process is unique in that, regardless of the scope or size of the project, the focus lies on enabling the organization to make significant, sustainable, and rapid improvements while setting the foundation for a world-class continuous improvement-based organization.

The OpEx Leadership Role in Lean Transformations: The Builder-Architect Model

OpEx Leadership helps clients transform by listening to and understanding their needs, then working together with the leadership to design a custom approach that addresses those needs long term. As the 'Builder', the client organization learns and internalizes through doing - every level is actively involved in the transformation. As the 'Architect', OpEx Leadership assures the transformation approach fits the needs, works to keep the transformation activities on track, educates the stakeholders, and provides coaching and support from the shop floor to the board room.

You can download more detail about the OpEx Leadership Lean Transformation approach here.

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