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Organization Development

Excellence in your Organization – Excellent People, Excellent Processes

Lean Transformations can’t be complete without enabling your organization to achieve excellence. Developing an organization that continuously seeks out and eliminates waste is one of the key factors in sustaining and improving upon the gains from your transformation activities. Designing and developing your organization for autonomous continuous improvement is a hallmark of Operational Excellence.

Characteristics of the operationally excellent organization are:

  • Customer Focus - People systems, processes, and methods are focused on providing value for the customer.
  • Defined, Common Vision of Excellence – Everyone in the organization understands and strives to move toward the vision of excellence.
  • Focused Problem Solving – The entire organization is enabled and encouraged to seek out and eliminate waste from all processes.
  • Transparency – Performance and problems are transparent at all levels so that problems can be dealt with quickly and openly.
  • Employee Contribution – All employees are valued and their contributions are required for long term success.

The OpEx Leadership method to organization design and development is an ‘inside-out’ approach, starting  where value is added – the ‘core’ – and developing the layers of the organization outward. Each outer layer shares common performance targets with the inner layers, and is geared to support improvement activities with problem solving expertise.

OpEx Leadership, LLC, has the experience and expertise to enable your organization achieve excellence. Contact us at info@opexleadership.com or +1 (864) 551-3602.

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