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Lean Transformation Coaching

Building a Coaching Culture through the Lean Transformation Process

Lean Transformations, like other major change initiatives, can lead to stress and confusion at every leadership level. Leaders expect higher performance and changes in behavior not only from subordinates, but also themselves. Becoming operationally excellent requires everyone to take initiative to seek out and eliminate problems, and for most organizations, this is a major shift from business as usual. Some of the questions / challenges leaders face during Lean Transformations are:

How do I encourage people to take initiative to find solutions, rather than just state their problems?
What barriers must be broken down in order to get improvement ideas flowing ‘inside-out’, from the value creating part of the organization?
How do I build trust within teams? How do I get them to work toward common targets?
What must I do to change from being a reactive ‘firefighter’ to becoming a proactive ‘systems thinker’? How do I develop my subordinates to do the same?
How can we get our employees to be accountable, to take ownership of their processes?
What’s the best way to give feedback that corrects performance while building the strengths of my team?

Mark Tussey, President of OpEx Leadership, LLC, has coached many leaders at all levels of organizations through transformations. His coaching style is based on going ‘Gemba’ (to the worksite) to understand the current condition, active listening, questioning for understanding, and frank feedback focusing objectively on the issues at hand and never on the person. His goal is to build a mutually respectful coaching environment as part of the Lean Transformation process.

To learn more about how OpEx Leadership can support your transformation, call Mark at +1 (864) 551-3602 or send an email to info@opexleadership.com.

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